Terms&Conditions (T&C) : la Caravane des épices

La Caravane des épices is a Company registered in Ouarzazate ‘s Trade Register under n°1427.
Its headquarters are located at N° 380 Quartier Al-Mansour Ad-Dahbi – 45000 Ouarzazate, Morocco.
The website www.caravane-epices.com is edited by the Company« la Caravane des Epices ».
In the following Conditions, we will use « T&C to name Terms and Conditions.


The T&C define rights and duties of each party in the remote sale of the products sold by « La Caravane des Epices » to the buyer (natural person or legal entity). While ordering, the buyer declares having read the T&C and accepting expressly and irrevocably the Conditions, unreservedly.
For natural persons, the client, accepting the T&C, declares being capable of making a contract and is then major and responsible.

« La Caravane des Epices » reserves the right to modify the T&C at any time. The applicable conditions are those on line at the moment of the client’s order.

Article 1 : products ‘characteristics

1.1 Products’ presentation

Pictures and illustrations of products sold by « La Caravane des Epices » are in line with the products we send. Eventhough we make our best to select pictures as representatives as possible, some small variations may appear due to raw materials we work with (colours, textures, etc…)

1.2 Products use

The products sold by« la Caravane des épices »are intended for a culinary use, a cosmetic use, or for decoration. La Caravane des épices cannot be held liable for any unmentioned or inappropriate use, particularly in the medical field.
The information concerning the products’ use are given for information purposes.

1.3 Stocks

The stocks of« la Caravane des épices »are updated at real-time and the mentioned products are hence available.

However, a stock shortage can happen exceptionally (data or human error on stocks) on some articles.
In such a case, the buyer would be informed by mail under maximum 7 working days following his order. We will then propose :
– to replace the missing product with a similar product (price / nature)
– to wait for the restocking of the product if possible and if the time required is OK for the buyer.
– to cancel the order.

In case of order cancellation, the buyer’s bank account will be e-credited of the total amount of the order as soon as we will get this choice.

1.4 Price

The price is indicated in Euros, all taxes included.
Every order, whatever the country it is coming from, is payable in Euros.
« La Caravane des épices »reserves the right to modify the products’ prices at any time .Settled that the prices are those applicable at the moment when the buyer makes the order.

Article 2 : Order

2.1 Order minimum amount

The minimum amount of the shopping cart must reach 50€ excluded shipping costs. « La caravane des épices » reserves the right to modify this minimum amount at any time, the buyer being immediately informed of this minimum amount on his shipping cart.

2.2 Order confirmation

The buyers’ orders made of a series of data inputs on several successive screens – pages. Until the payment moment, the buyer can change his order (products, quantity…)coming back on the shopping cart.

2.3 Paying an order

The paymentis due at the order’s moment.
The Payment can also be done through Paypal(PayPal Europe SARL. & Cie, S.C.A. 22-24 Boulevard Royal. 5e étage. 2449 Luxembourg), which uses the protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layer) so the informations Passed on are coded by a software and that no third can acquaint with it during the transport on the Internet network.
The buyer does not need to have a PayPal account to pay hisorder. On the PayPal .compayment page, there is an option dedicated to the non holders of a PayPal account which the Buyer can use to settle his order by credit card
« La Caravane des épices » is not responsible of PayPal.com, so it cannot be considered as responsible by the buyer of the consequences of a bad use of the PayPal platform, nor of the possibility of inaccessibility of the site.
The buyers’account will be immediately charged.
A confirmation of the order will be sent by mail to the buyer, with a summary of the ordered products.

2.4 Proof of the deal

All the supplied data and the registered confirmation on PayPal.com payment site will be considered as proof of deal. The confirmation will be worth signature and acceptance of the operations made.

2.5 withdrawal

The buyer has a 14 calendar days Cooling-off period without motive. The return of the goods must be done in the same conditions as the initial shipping (same transport choice) Under the condition that products are in perfect condition, in their initial packaging (not opened, undamaged, never used) with the invoice or delivery note. Otherwise, we will not be able to proceed to the refund.
The return cost will stay chargeable to the Buyer.
Return address : La Caravane des épices – N° 380 Quartier Al-Mansour Ad-Dahbi – 45000 Ouarzazate, Maroc

2.6 Refund

Further to your request of retraction, « la Caravane des épices »will proceed to the refund of the buyer’sorder within 15 days following the notification of his request of retraction. In case we do not receive the returned products, « la caravane des épices » reserves the right to postpone the refund until the day we receive the buyer’s order.
The refund will be done through the same paying mean as the one used for ordering.

2.7 Reserve

« La Caravane des épices » reserves theright to refuse or to cancel any order with a buyer with whom there would have been already a dispute or who would show anykind of abnormality in the identity of the recipient (incomplete identity, pseudo, …) adress, e mail, abnormality in payment.

Article 3 : Orders shipping

The product is always sent by post, unless previous agreement before ordering.
« La Caravane des épices »is committed to a delivery between 7 to 20 days (except week ends and holidays, except in cases of « force majeure ». « La caravane des épices » can not be considered as responsible for the hazards of transport companies.

Article 4 : Geographic area

The products sold on the website are exclusively reserved for clients living in countries where PayPal.com is authorised (around 140 countries – list available on PayPal.com)

Article 5 : Shipping

5.1 Responsibility in case of damage on the parcel

The goods sent, whatever the means of transportation, must be checked by the buyer and in case of damage, the Buyer should emit reserves with the carrier or refuse the parcel.

5.2 Responsibility in case the parcel has not been delivered

In case of loss of the products, confirmed by the transport company, the buyer will contact « la caravane des épices » to notify the undelivery of the goods. The buyer should inform us under the delay of 30 calendar days after the day the transports company has taken the goods. After this deadline, no complaint can be handled.
In case it is confirmed that the package has been lost, proven by documents from the transport company, « La caravane des épices » is committed to fully refund the buyer of his purchase in a maximum deadline of 6 weeks.

Article 6 : Intellectual Property

This web- site is a work protected in Morocco and abroad by the current international conventions on the copyright.
Any partial or complete reproduction forbidden without authorization.

Article 7 : Dispute settlement, applicable law

The present T&C are Are subjected to the Moroccan right.
Any complaint must be before hand indicated to« la Caravane des épices »by mail at the internet or postal address. In case of dispute, the courts of the head office are only competent.
The T&C can be change data any moment.

Written by« la Caravane des épices ».

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